Archicad 24 oppdatering 6004

Siste oppdatering (Hotfix) kan lastes ned her

  • DEF-2106 FILE/IFC/IMPORT: IFC 3D curves were not imported correctly.
  • DEF-2029 MODEL: Railing list values, for instance Top Elevation, Bottom Elevation were incorrectly calculated.
  • DEF-3580 FILE/IFC/IMPORT: A Tekla structure with extrusions clipped with another extrusion when imported to Archicad via IFC transfer led to misplaced walls and other elements.
  • DEF-2518 FILE/CRASH/OPEN: Archicad v21 or older projects with certain category data crashed Archicad on migration.
  • DEF-3620 FREEZE: A dimension line modification in the section/elevation view sometimes caused a rebuild which was followed by a freeze.
  • DEF-3105 HELP: Archicad Help and ‘?’ help icon in multiple object settings dialogs defaulted to offline help.
  • DEF-2140 FILE/IFC/EXPORT: The reference line for polygonal walls was not correctly handled when exported to IFC.
  • DEF-2945 BIMcloud/PUBLISH/PMK: PMK drawings hosted on a BIMcloud that were linked into a teamwork project and later re-published became inaccessible to the teamwork project until re-linked.
  • DEF-3973 FILE/SAF/IMPORT: SAF Model Compare detected changes, where there shouldn’t have been any.
  • DEF-1624 FILE/C4D/EXPORT: In comparison to AC23 the export to Cinema4D was significantly slower due to changes in the beam and column tool.
  • DEF-1533 DOCUMENT: The view of a schedule with a “Leading” value set, no matter what its value was set to, always displayed the leading value as a 100 on layout.
  • DEF-2989 UPDATE: Help/Check for Updates did not by default place focus on the tab that provides Archicad update information.
  • DEF-2928 MODEL/PERFORMANCE: Complex profile handling had unnecessary operations that adversely affected memory use and performance.
  • DEF-2564 FILE/PDF/EXPORT: Linear gradient fills that were rotated, as can happen with plan orientation, exported incorrectly to PDF.
  • DEF-3742 CRASH: Archicad Start Edition crashed when opening the context menu of any opened tab.
  • DEF-3521 MODEL: A custom corner of a window placed opposite of the wall’s reference line caused the window to flicker.
  • DEF-2350 TEAMWORK: An otherwise viable stair with an inconsistent part prevented a project from being shared in Teamwork.
  • DEF-3727 CRASH: Mapping a new building material in the SAF export translator crashed Archicad.
  • DEF-2647 PERFORMANCE: The recalculation of dimension positions connected to openings caused a delay when switching between floor plans.
  • DEF-1982 EDIT/MODEL: The orientation of a railing’s sub-elements could change after the railing was mirrored.
  • DEF-1586 FILE/DWG/EXPORT: Missing Xref references prevented the export of views as DWG.
  • DEF-1514 MODEL: The surface of holes in a slab was not subtracted from the slab’s area.
  • DEF-4160 USER INTERFACE: Show area text checkbox did not work or was very slow.
  • DEF-2671 CRASH: Archicad crashed due to corrupted rendering scenes.
  • DEF-931 DOCUMENT: Changing renovation filters resulted in missing annotations in schedules.
  • DEF-667 CRASH: Archicad was more susceptible to crashing when its host was low on available memory.
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