Archicad 23 oppdatering 7000

  • DEF-1133 CRASH: Archicad sometimes crashed when deleting a wall.
  • DEF-1162 PERFORMANCE: The MVO setting “slab eliminate” was not optimized for robust Layer Combination changes.
  • DEF-1220 FILE/IFC/EXPORT: Multisegmented Beams didn’t explode into Building Element Parts upon IFC export when this option was turned on.
  • DEF-1315 EDIT: The size of text changed after it had been selected, copied, and then zoomed on.
  • DEF-1364 TEAMWORK/EDIT: It was possible to paste new Library Parts into a Teamwork project without having permission to do it.
  • DEF-1534 HOTLINK: Embedded hotlink libraries always remained in the Library Manager of the host even after being removed from the hotlink, if skip nested was activated.
  • DEF-1623 MODEL: Trace and Reference drawing disappeared when zooming in, only reappearing when zooming out.
  • DEF-1657 EDIT: The adjust command didn’t always shorten the shorter part of a polyline.
  • DEF-1696 EDIT: The view settings did not save the change in Absolute Display Limit.
  • DEF-1779 IFC/FILE/EXPORT: The Contact Category COBie property wasn’t mapped to the corresponding Archicad info field correctly.
  • DEF-1925 FILE/OPEN: Empty Cookies folder might be created on the root of the opened project’s drive.
  • DEF-1948 PERFORMANCE: The Master layout was significantly slower in v23 than v21.
  • DEF-1958 DOCUMENT: The nominal height and width for windows in labels didn’t change after it was modified in the calculations and rules within the Project Preferences.
  • DEF-1977 CRASH: Archicad crashed because of a missing renovation filter which was active in a view.
  • DEF-1983 FILE/3DM/CRASH: Archicad, instead of skipping faulty geometry in Rhino files, crashed during import.
  • DEF-2075 DOCUMENT: Show Headline in Project Indexes showed wrong data for Graphic Override Combinations.
  • DEF-2089 MODEL: Railing default settings caused different floor plan display in some localized templates.
  • DEF-2305 FREEZE: Archicad became unresponsive during export of projects with several thousand attributes.
  • DEF-2357 FILE/OPEN: Column and beam-related dimensions could disappear from floor plan on open.
  • DEF-2452 FILE/IFC/CRASH: Archicad did not skip faulty IFC property data, but instead crashed.
  • DEF-3016 USER INTERFACE: Items from drop-down list could not be selected in macOS Big Sur.
  • DEF-647 FILE/DWG/IMPORT: Archicad failed to assign correct pens when importing DWG files with too many colors.
  • DEF-666 HOTLINK/EDIT: Locking hotlink modules did not work.
  • DEF-962 FILE/DWG/EXPORT: Grid elements sometimes did not display correctly when exported to DWG as Blocks.
  • DEF-1314 FILE/IFC/EXPORT/CRASH: Beams could have holes outside their body which led to a crash of Archicad during IFC export.
  • DEF-1419 CRASH: On Mac Archicad sometimes crashed when switching between the applications.
  • DEF-2236 TEAMWORK/EDIT: Sometimes dimensions to objects with complex profiles disappeared.
  • DEF-242 FILE/OPEN/FREEZE: Precision calculation errors made file opening freeze in certain geometry circumstances.
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