Archicad 25 oppdatering 3011

Siste oppdatering (Hotfix) kan lastes ned her

  • DEF-5240 CRASH: Archicad 25 interaction with Rhino-Grasshopper crashed on MacOS.
  • DEF-5176 USER INTERFACE: The scrollbar was missing in listboxes on MasOS Big Sur.
  • DEF-5003 CRASH: Copy/Paste of a fill and a dimension that measures to another element crashed Archicad.
  • DEF-4963 USER INTERFACE: Titles were missing in the Basic Renderer palette.
  • DEF-4959 FILE/HOTLINK/SAVE/CRASH: Saving back to AC 24 a hotlink with a dimension crashed Archicad.
  • DEF-3850 FiLE/SAVE/CRASH: Saving back to AC 24 a dimensioned door/window using the “projected with overhead” setting crashed Archicad.
  • DEF-6049 FILE/SAVE: Unused view settings caused large file size increase.
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