Archicad 26 oppdatering 4019

Issues solved in Archicad 26 Update 4019

  • DEF-9678 FILE/3DM/IMPORT: 3dm files could not be hotlinked if the default template file name was changed.
  • DEF-7819 CRASH: Archicad crashed when opening a view.
  • DEF-9480 CRASH: Archicad crashed because of a list with too many characters in its name.
  • DEF-8419 GDL: Layers hidden in the GDL Object 2D Symbol Editor did not update.
  • DEF-8396 GDL: A new custom object had a fill mapped to its Building Material name.
  • DEF-7789 DOCUMENT: Associating one leg of a dimension to a hotspot of the story level marker resulted in the dimension not appearing in a layout.
  • DEF-7785 FILE/DWG/EXPORT: A library part that originated from a DWG and placed on a master layout changed size when exported.
  • DEF-7641 DOCUMENT: The process of issuing a check drawing in the drawing manager sometimes caused an up to date drawing to appear as if it were a modified drawing.
  • DEF-10269 TEAMWORK: BIMcloud URL + Path + Filename character length longer than 124 characters prevented the preparation of more than one project at a time for migration.
  • DEF-9111 TEAMWORK/DOCUMENT: A dimension placed in a section by one user and received by another user with a layout that referenced the section open sometimes had the dimension incorrectly placed.
  • DEF-7169 TEAMWORK/HOTLINK/MODEL: An opening placed in a hotlink sometimes disappeared when shared.
  • DEF-913 CRASH: Archicad crashed because of a communication bug between the Archicad Starter application and Archicad itself.
  • DEF-8775 TEAMWORK/CRASH: View settings sometimes became corrupt and caused Archicad to crash when the view was opened.
  • DEF-9606 FILE/SAF/IMPORT: Lost 2D Members during SAF import.
  • DEF-9179 FILE/SAF/EXPORT: Node names were lost from the “StructuralPointConnection” tab of a SAF file when a project that was located far from the origin was exported.
  • DEF-8617 MODEL: Survey point coordinates were changed after migration from Archicad 24 to Archicad 25.
  • DEF-7172 FILE/IFC/IMPORT: IfcReinforcingBars could not be imported into Archicad.
  • DEF-7036 CRASH: Archicad crashed sometimes after saving a view to layout with a curved wall that used a fill whose origin was the local origin
  • DEF-2637 FILE/DGN/IMPORT: Archicad crashed upon importing DGN file due to unused shared cell containing OLE data.
  • DEF-9465 MODEL: Panning and zooming in floor plan were lagging at a certain zoom range.
  • DEF-9464 USER INTERFACE: On Windows, lines appeared thicker on 2D when a scale of 175% was applied to the system display.
  • DEF-8341 USER INTERFACE: On macOS, clicking on the column’s head to change the sort order would reset the column’s width to a minimum with some palettes.
  • DEF-7766 DOCUMENT: After starting a new transmittal set and adding a new change on layouts, in certain situations, the layer combination on layouts was switched to the one being used on floor plan.
  • DEF-7591 EDIT: Rhino 7/Grasshopper did not receive data from Archicad, even though the connection appeared to be running.
  • DEF-7592 USER INTERFACE: 3D Window Size isn’t editable in View Settings
  • DEF-4010 TEAMWORK: A newly created MVO sometimes appeared missing to other teamwork users.
  • DEF-9235 DOCUMENT: Dimensions from GDL objects were lost from sections during Archicad 24 to Archicad 25 conversion.
  • DEF-9527 USER INTERFACE: The cursor sometimes remained in inject parameter mode during app switching.
  • DEF-9559 MODEL: Objects with high polygon count appeared darker in 3D view in a different rotation.
  • DEF-9474 USER INTERFACE: The layer extension with multiple dots was incorrectly split.
  • DEF-10386 USER INTERFACE: Selection of two or more building materials in the Building Materials dialog would set fill orientation to the same value without notification.
  • DEF-9317 USER INTERFACE: The preview images of the textures in the surface selection dropdown menu did not have an outline.
  • DEF-9167 USER INTERFACE: The line type preview in attribute palette was too small.
  • DEF-9023 USER INTERFACE: A drag with option key held down did not duplicate a folder in the attribute palette.
  • DEF-8969 USER INTERFACE: A layer’s folder could not be renamed in the Layers dialog.
  • DEF-8947 USER INTERFACE: The first character of a newly entered or modified surface name could not be a space.
  • DEF-8946 HOTLINK: The MEP Library was not found while relinking IFC Hotlink modules, even though the library was loaded.
  • DEF-8942 USER INTERFACE: The Surface dialog moved up the screen when switching between folders and items while Cineware/Redshift engine was selected.
  • DEF-8939 USER INTERFACE: It was possible to select the surface being deleted in the “Delete and Replace with” selection menu.

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