Archicad 24 oppdatering 7000 og 7006

Siste oppdatering (Hotfix) kan lastes ned her

  • DEF-8186: Archicad crashed on macOS 12.3 if user closed a tab using the “X” icon, or hovered the mouse over this icon.
  • DEF-1167 FILE/CRASH: Archicad sometimes crashed due to a missing graphic override combination in the view map settings for details and worksheets.
  • DEF-1196 MODEL/CRASH: Archicad sometimes crashed when elements were placed after deleting attributes.
  • DEF-1284 MODEL: Railing update actions were optimized.
  • DEF-1774 USER INTERFACE: When hovering the mouse cursor over a drawing in a layout, the selection highlight showed lines outside of the drawing frame.
  • DEF-2104 USER INTERFACE: End User License Agreement wrongly showed up at every Archicad start up on macOS.
  • DEF-2111 MODEL: Stairs with an invalid parameter value were deleted from the project upon opening.
  • DEF-2455 MODEL: The grid was not visible on the interior elevation.
  • DEF-2629 MODEL: The door marker appeared on the layout even though the partial structure display of the wall was set as “Core Only”.
  • DEF-2839 CRASH: Archicad crashed occasionally while adding dimensions in the profile editor.
  • DEF-2994 USER INTERFACE/FREEZE: Archicad was slow to display the pet palette for drawings.
  • DEF-3218 CRASH: Archicad crashed when converting Issues to the old markups.
  • DEF-3397 FILE/IFC/EXPORT: Openings were exported to IFC regardless of their renovation status and visibility.
  • DEF-3399 CRASH: Archicad crashed when the parameter transfer eye dropper was used on columns with complex profiles in sections/elevations.
  • DEF-3428 MODEL/CRASH: Archicad crashed when slabs’ lines were hidden or eliminated by Model View Options.
  • DEF-3494 EDIT: The Renovation Filter settings changed when a schedule view was placed on a layout.
  • DEF-3602 MODEL/CRASH: Archicad crashed when editing slabs while the MVO was set to eliminate the edges.
  • DEF-3817 MODEL: Drawing an arc while holding the shift button down caused an incorrect display of the arc.
  • DEF-3833 MODEL: The drawings on layout used the MVO setting from the latest open view.
  • DEF-4082 CRASH: A deleted (missing) layer combination on a traced view caused Archicad to crash.
  • DEF-4301 CRASH: Archicad GER version crashed when a project was loaded under model compare.
  • DEF-4325 PARAM-O: The global node was unusable.
  • DEF-4399 CRASH: Archicad crashed when dimensioning beams in elevations and sections that were created by the Grasshopper-Archicad connection.
  • DEF-4593 CRASH: Beams and columns sometimes caused Archicad to crash when generating a construction simulation.
  • DEF-4688 EXPORT/IFC/IMPORT: Doors/windows became missing when importing an IFC file after it had been previously exported with the “Show Model filter dialog” option checked.
  • DEF-4811 CRASH: A damaged PLN could cause Window’s File Explorer to crash.
  • DEF-4881 DOCUMENT: 3D views did not automatically update in layouts.
  • DEF-4953 CRASH: Archicad crashed when opening a schedule (Flächenberechnung) managed by an add-on.
  • DEF-4955 BIMcloud/DRAWING MANAGER: the drawing manager could take more than 9 minutes to open due to icon collection.
  • DEF-5126 FILE/IFC/EXPORT: When exporting in IFC format, the grid elements of a mesh classified as “ifcGeographicElement” were missing, but if classified as “ifcSite” then they were exported correctly.
  • DEF-5336 TEAMWORK/CRASH: A project with a dimensioned stair often crashed Archicad during the share process.
  • DEF-5482 CRASH: Archicad crashed on exit with macOS Monterey (version 12).
  • DEF-5516 USER INTERFACE: On macOS Monterey (version 12), the open and save dialogs were not resizable.
  • DEF-5532 MODEL: Interior Elevation viewpoints and views were deleted if a detail was created on section when the Issues Manager was in use.
  • DEF-5582 CRASH: Archicad sometimes crashed while updating a layout, with a placed view open.
  • DEF-5671 DOCUMENT/CRASH: Virtual trace with a layout sometimes resulted in a crash.
  • DEF-5935 FILE/OPEN: An invalid stair prevented a project from being read.
  • DEF-6049 FILE/SAVE: Unused view settings caused large file size increase.
  • DEF-667 CRASH: Archicad sometimes crashed under low physical memory availability.
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