Archicad 26 oppdatering 5002 og 5003

Archicad 26 update 3, er en større oppdatering som inneholder flere funksjoner og feilrettinger enn vanlige Hotfixer. Last ned oppdateringen her, eller velge "Help" menyen i Archicad og "Check"for Updates..."


NB! Kun Apple Silicon versjonen vil ha Build 5003, Windows og Mac med Intel vil ha 5002 etter installeringen er gjenomført.


Update to the latest version of Archicad 26 and get:

  • Faster Cineware rendering on Apple Silicon (see DEF-11704)
  • Updated Info Box, text formatting and display, and tool dialog updates (see DEF-10251, DEF-10498 and DEF-10266)
  • Improved documentation, updated Dimension associations, and improved line Level Dimensions (see DEF-10196, DEF-9873 and DEF-10883)
  • Streamlined modeling thanks to updated Building Material lists displays (see DEF-10436)
  • Enhanced file import and export functionalities for BIMx, IFC, DXF-DWG, and XML files (see DEF-4535, DEF-10816, DEF-6484, DEF-10195, DEF-3029, DEF-6974, DEF-9450, DEF-9514 and DEF-11389).


Les mer detaljert om hva som er oppdatert/fikset i denne versjonen under: 

  • DEF-10165 CRASH: Migrating libraries from Archicad 17 or earlier versions crashed the program.
  • DEF-10195 FILE/DXF-DWG/IMPORT: Old versions of DXF-DWG files could not be opened in Archicad.
  • DEF-10196 DOCUMENT: Dimensions associated to Doors/Windows used Model View Options of an open View on Layout.
  • DEF-10251 USER INTERFACE: Lamp layers could not be changed from the info box.
  • DEF-10266 EDIT: The “Element Uncut Pen” checkbox setting was not saved under Surface, Cover Fill Foreground Dialog.
  • DEF-10269 TEAMWORK/BIMCLOUD: Server path was limited to 126 characters.
  • DEF-10335 FILE/OPEN: Archicad 25-26 startup dialog searchbar turned uneditable if there were no recent projects.
  • DEF-10386 EDIT: Multi-selecting Building Materials with different Fill Orientation caused instant data loss in BMAT settings
  • DEF-10429 USER INTERFACE: The splash Screen did not appear when opening Archicad by double clicking on a PLN.
  • DEF-10436 MODEL: The Building Material list didn’t open when trying to chance the material in the CW Composite Panel 26.
  • DEF-10467 BIMX/CRASH: Charmglow Stainless Steel Grill BBQ crashed Archicad when the model was exported to a BIMx Hyper-model.
  • DEF-10498 USER INTERFACE: Text fell apart when zooming in with text block formatting set to model size.
  • DEF-10533 DOCUMENT: Some of the non-default or special fonts were offset if they were migrated to Archicad 26.
  • DEF-10582 MODEL: The navigation in walk mode was misaligned in Archicad 26.
  • DEF-10656 CRASH: Archicad crashed because of a faulty template.
  • DEF-10657 CRASH: Archicad crashed during opening a PLN file, due to corrupt SAF data.
  • DEF-10758 USER INTERFACE: IFC Model Exchange was English in the French Revit 2023
  • DEF-10816 FILE/IFC/IMPORT: Converting IfcWindows to windows during IFC import, the wall outlines from the outside were missing.
  • DEF-10883 DOCUMENT: When using Multi-line Level Dimension on the Floor Plan, it didn’t accept entering space on Windows.
  • DEF-10919 FILE/SAVE/DOCUMENT: Saving after merging Publisher items to one DWG file produced a damaged file.
  • DEF-10971 CRASH: Merging or opening an IFC file crashed Archicad.
  • DEF-11012 USER INTERFACE: The line types could not be changed in the drop-down menu with the cursor.
  • DEF-11090 PERFORMANCE: Forward tool bug fixing for Japanese market.
  • DEF-11093 EDIT: The first number input was highlighted and deleted by the second number input in the Tracker on macOS 13 Ventura.
  • DEF-11094 ADD-ON: Archicad 26 and Rhino6 (Grasshopper) weren’t able to make connection with the add-on.
  • DEF-11166 CRASH: Archicad 26 crashed when an IFC was hotlinked into the model on macOS.
  • DEF-11208 DOCUMENT: Layer Combinations in use could be purged.
  • DEF-11315 ECO DESIGNER: Climate Data by Strusoft Climate Server was provided from a disconnected IP-address.
  • DEF-11322 EDIT: “Soft” could not be set for edge type in Pet Palette: Edge Custom Settings when the edges of the Morph were selected.
  • DEF-11389 FILE/BIMCLOUD/EXPORT: Exporting XML file (Attributes file) to BIMCloud was very slow.
  • DEF-11668 DOCUMENT: Sun study created from 3D source was cropped on Apple silicon Archicad.
  • DEF-1167 CRASH: Archicad sometimes crashed due to a missing graphic override combination in the view map settings for details and worksheets.
  • DEF-11704 DOCUMENT: Cineware rendering was slower in Archicad 26 Apple Silicon than in Archicad 26 Intel Mac.
  • DEF-11951 CRASH: Archicad crashed when opening or changing Page Setup settings, now this can be fixed by Open & Repair.
  • DEF-3029 FILE/DWG/EXPORT: Background Fill exported incorrectly into DWG when having curved contours.
  • DEF-3606 DOCUMENT: Faulty results were shown on Layouts when “Align to Decimal” option is set for Schedules.
  • DEF-4535 FILE/BIMX/EXPORT: BIMx model export was slow due to SDA texture compression.
  • DEF-6453 MODEL: Sun study generated wrong dates.
  • DEF-6484 FILE/IFC/IMPORT: Changes were not saved when unchecking the complete ifcBuildingElement in the IFC import translators.
  • DEF-6974 FILE/DWG/EXPORT: Dimensions were missing after exporting Layouts with Save as – DWG.
  • DEF-7641 DOCUMENT: Updating layouts and running check in the drawing manager, some drawings are marked as ‘Modified’
  • DEF-8106 CRASH: Archicad crashed during opening new or existing files.
  • DEF-8194 DOCUMENT: Layer visibility was assigned to each Layout separately instead of applying for all of them.
  • DEF-8552 CRASH: Archicad crashed randomly due to RAM exhaustion.
  • DEF-8641 CRASH: Archicad crashed and sometimes freezed the OS too due to a graphics card driver issue.
  • DEF-8853 USER INTERFACE: Zooming in and out was not working properly.
  • DEF-8989 CRASH: Placing drawing on the layout via ‘right click save view and place on layout’ crashed Archicad
  • DEF-9256 DOCUMENT: Updating drawings set the scale on Project Map in some cases
  • DEF-9343 PEFORMANCE: In Archicad 25 panning was slow or lagging on Sections on macOS.
  • DEF-9450 FILE/DWG/IMPORT: Archicad couldn’t import Arc Dimensions and refered to a false memory error while trying to open.
  • DEF-9514 FILE/DWG/IMPORT: Archicad was not able to import Arc Length Dimensions from DWG file
  • DEF-9602 PERFORMANCE: Teamwork/Solo projects with many columns and beams caused significant delays.
  • DEF-9696 USER INTERFACE: Searching for an attribute in the search bar only showed the desired one and hid the other ones.
  • DEF-9818 EDIT: Dimensions’ Witness Lines were enlarged.
  • DEF-9873 DOCUMENT: Dimensions associated to Wall Cores were missing after changing the View.
  • DEF-9901 FILE/OPEN/CRASH: Files with missing view attributes could not be opened.
  • DEF-9981 CRASH: Archicad crashed due to core failed to create Direct3D device unhandled C++ Exception.

This package contains the fixes and improvements of the previous Updates as well.

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