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Tech Bulletins 2022/12

Archicad crashes on macOS 12.3 when closing a tab with the Tab Bar

Dear All,

We have been notified about a new issue with Archicad on the latest update (12.3) for macOS Monterey.

Issue: Archicad crashes if users close a tab using the X icon, or hover the mouse over this icon.

The issue happens on Archicad 24 and Archicad 25 (please refer to it as DEF-8186).

We strongly advise postponing the macOS 12.3 update until further notice.

For those who have already installed macOS 12.3 update, here are some workarounds to avoid the crash:

  1. Hide the Tab Bar by opening Windows menu > Hide Tab Bar, then navigate using the Navigator or Organizer.
  2. Without hiding the Tab Bar, we can cycle between the tabs using Ctrl + Tab hotkey (or via the Windows menu). To close the current tab, use Cmd + W hotkey. To close all other tabs, open the Windows menu and select Close All Other Tabs and Windows.

We are actively investigating the issue with utmost priority with Apple and will bring a solution as soon as possible.


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